Financial Accounting Services:
How can Executive Solutions help you?

Focus for Entrepreneurs

In many cases the entrepreneur has a team surrounding them that includes an attorney to draw up corporate papers, or they use a corporate services company. They have a CPA for their tax work. They have a bookkeeper to record their daily transactions. The big questions then I ask “Who is your day to day business financial advisor?” “Who helps you to know if your business is performing the way you expect?” “Who keeps you up to date on cash, revenue, profit, payroll, staffing, and costs?”

Business Financial Advisor


In large companies this role is played by the CFO of Chief Financial Officer. The entrepreneur and small business owner usually will not have the financial ability to hire a full time CFO. Now, you can have the services of a CFO without the full time salary. As a CFO Business Financial Advisor, Executive Solutions can provide you will all the benefits of a CFO and very little of the cost. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you can have personalized concierge CFO services just a phone call away. We will answer those difficult financial questions as we work to increase profitability, increase cash flow, manage staffing needs, help with critical banking relationships and implement the vision you have for your business.

Executive Solutions, your Concierge/Personal Financial Business Advisor becomes the strongest of partners in your business. We bring almost 30 years experience in private and public companies to assist you in accomplishing major project undertakings one day and solving day to day issues the next!

Banking Relationships

In today’s economic environment your banking relationships are crucial to the success of your operations. The bankers are asking for more information, more financial and strategic planning knowledge and more timely and accurate financial reporting. By utilizing Executive Solutions to work with your bankers, we can provide the financial support necessary to keep your bankers fully informed as you implement your productivity and process improvements, cash flow strategies and utilize your capital wisely. This allows you, the business owner, to focus on your strengths in creating revenue and business value.

Are you better off today than yesterday?

Many CEOs and entrepreneurs can sense that the business is doing ok or doing poorly, but can’t prove it by the numbers. This is a directly result of knowing what should be done and having the team on board to make it happen. Timely and accurate financial information in the right reports provide a business owner with wisdom about the business and not just data. Most accounting systems can provide a balance sheet and income statement. Are these the reports you utilize every day to run the business? The answer should be no. The reports that help you proactively lead the business to future success are more immediate and responsive to your business needs. From Daily Cash Reporting to Flash Business operations reports, Executive Solutions can create a tailored set of daily, weekly and monthly knowledge based reporting tools so that your every decision is supported by the timely and accurate flow of information to you.

Do I still need a CPA Firm?

The answer here is yes! Your CPA will provide valuable tax reporting and independent review or audit services as required by your business needs. The role of your personal concierge Business Financial Advisor is to eliminate your focus on preparation of historical data to give to your CPA and allow you to focus on future growth of your business. Leave the mundane preparation of information to us. We will support the CPA Firm’s requirements for tax and audit preparation easing the cost of each of these services while ensuring that you are maximizing your tax savings and completing your audit process timely and under budget.

What about when my attorney needs information? What if I am facing Corporate Reorganization? Can Executive Solutions Help?

The answer here is yes! Certainly no business owner wants to deal with legal issues. Even if you have prepared yourself with the proper business insurance, legal issues, from employee related cases to civil litigation with vendors or customers, and of course contractual issues, the legal bills can climb into the tens of thousands. Control these costs utilizing Executive Solutions to provide litigation support. All financial needs are delivered to counsel in a clear concise format so that your attorney can utilize the information without spending your dollars at their rate on financial details. Executive Solutions has extensive experience with legal issues and may be able to provide documentation and support that even you, the business owner may not recognize as important, but could help turn any legal case in your favor.

No one wants Bankruptcy!

Certainly this is a last option to restructure your business. Having Executive Solutions by your side helping with bankers, lawyers, creditors and supporting trustee required documentation and financial plans including the all essential 13 Week Cash Flow will give your team tremendous confidence to face these challenges and move forward in your Turnaround. Executive Solutions is a member of TMA of Nevada, part of the National Turnaround Management Association recognized nationally as the premier supporting turnaround professionals in the country. (See the profile of Diane Dutton at

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