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Today, the term “Coach” is used to define any individual that guides you through a process to a predetermined goal. Whether is called life coaching or business coaching, everyone can benefit from a sounding board to help keep you on track.

There are many ways to “Get Coached”. One of which is to participate in a group coaching, mastermind environment. This is a great way to develop relationships with other business owners and receive assistance with your business and life issues. If you are comfortable in group settings, this is a great place to be.



Not comfortable discussing your business and personal issues with a group? Don’t be concerned, many entrepreneurs are private people and hold their business and personal financial concerns close.

Your Financial Executive Consultant is closer than your physician! When Diane Dutton, CPA acts as your Personal Concierge Financial Accounting Consultant, your personal financial information remains highly confidential and Ms. Dutton is bound by ethics guidelines set forth within the CPA profession. The work that occurs between the “C” level executive and your Financial Executive Consultant solves problems and provides personalized support from an independent position outside of the company, leaving no concern that alliances are forged with business employees will impact the outcome of consulting needs in a negative way.

Your ESO Executive Coach can provide the CEO of an organization with a sounding board to think through key issues. The relationship created with the executive coach is in addition to and does not replace existing relationships with the CEO's senior management, board members or other advisors. One advantage of the executive coaching relationship is that there are no 'strings attached' to conversations--as exist when the parties have on-going formal relationships and established roles that must be considered. 

How does Coaching take place?

The typical coaching relationship contains two elements:

1. The CEO agrees to complete one or more confidential personal and business assessments for the executive coach. These assessments tools can provide information to the CEO on "Who am I?", "How do others see me?" and "How do I relate to others?” The personal and business assessment process helps the CEO discover how he/she impacts others and provides a solid beginning for the on-going coaching relationship.

2. Periodic phone or in person one-on-one conversations, as desired by the CEO, comprise the on-going executive coaching relationship. Usually, a minimum of one conversation per month is necessary to maintain a continuity of understanding of critical issues. These meetings can include review of strategic planning issues, previous action result reporting, planning next steps and evaluating business results, employees, relationships and anything else that might affect the achievement of the CEO’s goals and objectives for themselves and their company. 


Coaching Program Choices:

Monthly programs begin with a 2 hour assessment conference which is preceded by the completion of a simple needs questionnaire and includes a financial statement evaluation 3 page business summary Free! ($350.00 value).

Then you and your coach decide on a scheduled one hour coaching call. Review specific goals and objectives to improve your business in 4 ways: Increase Revenue, Control Costs, Improve Profitability and Enhance Cash Flow.

Monthly your coach will prepare a written report on the progress you have made so you can quantity the results of your business consulting activities.

Everything measured gets focus and results!

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